Exmoor Ponies
Ponies on Exmoor Heath

Unless we all actively support these places they will come under threat – from over-development, from climate change, from neglect.

Our approach is to enlist the support of businesses, developers and planners – to understand the vital importance of the County’s natural places and to work with us to preserve and enhance them.

Our Prospectus shows how nature enhances communities, makes peoples’ lives better and healthier and gives rich opportunities to businesses – large and small.

Our aim, as the Somerset Local Nature Partnership (SLNP), is to ensure that we can maintain the scale and quality of our habitats so that they remain special into the future. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy nature, wherever they live. We need to show how supporting nature is good for business and communities.

These are important aims which will help to preserve our natural environment into the future.